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Call me old fashioned, but I still like to keep a physical copy of various cheat Sheets that I’ve collected over the years in a folder that I often flick through when perplexed about the correct command syntax or options that I rarely use. Below are a few of the cheat Sheets that I’ve found useful, credit will be displayed where applicable.


General IT Security and Fundamentals

Windows and Linux Terminals & Command LinesSANS
PowerShell Cheat SheetSANS
Writing Tips for IT ProfessionalsZeltser
Tips for Creating and Managing New IT ProductsZeltser
Tips for Getting the Right IT JobZeltser
Tips for Creating a Strong Cybersecurity Assessment ReportZeltser
Critical Log Review Checklist for Security IncidentsZeltser
Security Architecture Cheat Sheet for Internet ApplicationsZeltser
Security Incident Survey Cheat Sheet for Server AdministratorsZeltser
Information Security Assessment RFP Cheat SheetZeltser
Linux Shell Survival Guide V2.3SANS
JSON and JQ Quick Start Guide V1.2SANS
SQLite Pocket Reference GuideSANS
Windows to Linux ReferenceSANS
Multicloud Command-Line Interface V1.2.1.2SANS

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Security Incident Questionnaire for RespondersZeltser
Network DDoS Incident Response Cheat CheatZeltser
SIFT Workstation Cheat Sheet V3.0SANS
Memory Forensics AnalysisSANS
Android Third-Party Apps ForensicsSANS
Advanced Smart Phone ForensicsSANS
Eric Zimmerman Tools Cheat Sheet V1.0SANS
Rekall Memory Forensic Framework Cheat Sheet V3.1SANS
Memory Forensics Cheat Sheet V2.0SANS
Hex File Headers and Regex for ForensicsSANS
APFS File System Format Reference SheetSANS
Network Forensics and AnalysisSANS
Eric Zimmerman’s Results in Seconds at the Command-LineSANS
Hunt Evil PosterSANS
Advanced Smartphone ForensicsSANS
Windows Forensic AnalysisSANS
SIFT Workstation and REMnux PosterSANS
iOS Third-Party Apps ForensicsSANS
Intrusion Discovery Cheat Sheet – Linux V2.0SANS
Intrusion Discovery Cheat Sheet – Windows V3.0SANS

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting

Cyber Threat Intelligence ConsumptionSANS

Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis Cheat sheetSANS
Analyzing Malicious DocumentsSANS
Tips for Reverse-Engineering Malicious CodeSANS
REMNUX Usage Tips for Malware AnalysisSANS Cheat SheetSANS

Penetration Testing

Windows Command Line Cheat SheetSANS
Netcat Cheat SheetSANS
Ultimate Pen Test PosterSANS
Bloodhound Cheat Sheet V1.0SANS
Pivoting Cheat SheetSANS
Blueprint: Building a Better Pen TesterSANS
Google Hacking and Defense Cheat SheetSANS
Burp Suite Cheat Sheet V1.0SANS
Misc Pen Test Tools Cheat SheetSANS
Pivots and PayloadsSANS
Command Line Kung-FuSANS
Pen Test Attack Surfaces, Tools, and TechniquesSANS
SMB Access from Linux Cheat SheetSANS
Scapy Cheat Sheet V0.2SANS
NMAP Cheat Sheet V1.0SANS

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